Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I also read research that discussed basic counseling skills over the course of students' doctoral program (Hill, Charles, & Reed, 1981).  The research suggested that students increased their ability in some aspects of counseling capability such as choosing the most appropriate intervention as well as understanding how to work with unusual client dynamics, and gaining plenty of self-confidence.  Their basic counseling skills, however, did not change much.

Although not the purpose of the study, it made me think about this class and these skills and that this is my time to really become familiar with them.  It's a little awkward making these videos, but we're creating the foundation for our eventual practice.  My daughter always tells me "YOLO", Mom.  (You Only Live Once).  This may be the most important and foundational experience we have practicing these basic skills. 

A few interesting bits from Hill, Charles, and Reed (1981): new counselor's can tend to be "like an overprotective parent" (p. 434-435).  We must take care not to "limit the potential for growth by depriving the client of the opportunity to work through difficult issues" (Hill, Charles, & Reed (1981, p. 435).  They did, however contend that genuineness and enthusiasm provides clients with a warm and encouraging environment. 

Hill, C. E., Charles, C., & Reed, K. G. (1981). A longitudinal analysis of changes in counseling skills during doctoral training in counseling psychology. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 28(5), 428-436. doi: 10.1037/0022-0167.28.5.428

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