Sunday, June 10, 2012


Recently, in a classroom setting, I was asked what I thought was the purpose of life...

Honestly, I vacillate somewhere between believing life's purpose is to enjoy the experience and fulfilling a sometimes elusive and deeper meaning. For the most part, I believe there is no definitive truth regarding life's purpose, but it is whatever one wants to believe. It evolves throughout the life span from both deep and superficial experiences. More than believing in a definitive purpose, I believe there is no singular truth that gives credence or validity to our existence. I recall reading some Buddhist manuscript that basically said self-protection and self-preservation are psychologically deep-rooted in humankind. For either of these or other reasons, we seem to want to believe there is some purpose or designer of purpose. I support the idea that whatever gets you through the night, floats your boat, or gives you peace and the ability to live in some sort of harmony is good, as long as we don't try to make it everyone else's purpose!

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